New Year’s Resolutions for Your Private Practice – Part 2

We’re sharing some additional new year’s resolutions that can help to make your private practice be the most successful it’s ever been.

1. Be Accountable to yourself

Hold yourself accountable for the business of private practice because no one else will.  Learn to lean on your team which at a minimum must include an Attorney familiar with state board regs and employment law, your accountant and and first line asset protection via your insurance agent. But treat yourself fairly.  Don’t dwell on some simple little thing that didn’t get done or exaggerate it’s importance.  You’ll destroy any progress you’ve made if you get bogged down.  Learn from the experience and move on.  Enlist other professionals in a “watch dog” group to keep each other on track.

2. Invest in the communities that support you

Get out and get involved in your community.  So many times, it’s not what you know but who you know that can be a great building block for your private practice.  People like to refer others to people they know and feel comfortable with.  What better way for your community to feel comfortable with you than to help improve the community for everyone?

3. Promote your practice often and well

When you’re busy just being a private practice healthcare professional, it’s easy to forget that you have to promote your practice, too.  If you want to grow, you have to bring in new patients.  Sit down now and create a marketing plan for the New Year and then schedule it into your calendar so you follow through on it.

4. Learn to delegate more

Resolve to let go of a little more control.  Trust your staff or outside experts to do what you’re paying them to do.  You don’t have to do it all.  Delegation is the key to keeping your work life and your personal life in at least some sort of balance.

5.  Weekly business planning is a must

Success is not a “wing it” proposition.  In order to be consistently successful, you have to plan.  And you have to stick with your plan.  That doesn’t mean that it’s carved in stone.  A business plan is a living thing.  Work on it weekly to adapt to what’s actually going on in your business.

6.   Don’t skimp on things that will make you more productive

When you’re operating on a tight budget, it’s easy to just make do with what you have.  But ultimately, what you spend in using more efficient staff and equipment will do nothing but strengthen your bottom line.  Keep that in mind when planning your capital expenditures.

7. Be a perpetual student

You don’t have to break the bank on continuing education but you do have to continue to learn.  Business today is changing constantly – not just in medicine but in marketing, technology, accounting, you name it.  Resolve to learn continuously to take advantage of the latest trends that will build your practice with the least effort.

 8. Have more fun with your practice!

Concentrate some of your marketing efforts on things you really enjoy.

If you’re a runner, sponsor a marathon.

A golfer? Sponsor a local tournament for a charity.

Have you dreamed of being a writer? Start that blog you’ve been thinking about and start expressing yourself.  Your audience is probably full of potential patients.

9. Above all else, have a good time with whatever you do.  Your passion for it will come through and speak volumes to your current and prospective patients.Marketing can be a pain but it doesn’t have to be.  You may think you don’t have time to devote to it but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much time you find for it if you actually enjoy what you’re doing.

10.  Write the most applicable from this list of resolutions down somewhere…in the back of your Day Planner…your smartphone..into Outlook…your iPad calendar…

Just the act of writing them down and reading them daily will place them in the front of your subconscious mind and you’ll be amazed at how much you can actually accomplish and how fast. Resolve to make this the year that you really learn to live and practice by design!


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

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New Year’s Checklist for Private Practice Expansion- Part 1

Every year most of us create a New Year’s Checklist…We vow to lose weight…Promise to take up a new hobby…Plan to spend more time with loved ones…

But how many of us make resolutions to do something proactive to build our private practice? Why not start with some practice resolutions? This is after all what gives you the personal and financial freedom to live the life you deserve!

Here are a few tips to help you make the new year the best your practice has ever seen:

1. Plan Ahead

This time of year can be a real zoo on the personal front but take some time to sit down and list some steps you will take this year to build your practice.  Plan to:

–       Do a short weekly blog to communicate with your patients

–       Write a free report to educate your patients on their health care options related to your practice

–       Film some short videos on some amazing results and get them on your social media as well

–       Produce an eBook to educate your patients on how to be an informed consumer when it comes to their health care

Once you make a list even more ideas will come to you.

2. Focus Your Action

Once you’ve got your project list in hand, be diligent in disciplining yourself to complete the items on your list.  If you have staffed your practice as we teach, a whole lot of this can be done for you! Don’t be overwhelmed by thinking you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Resolve to accomplish one at a time and you’ll be amazed at how fast they’re all completed.

3. Be Accountable to Yourself

Hold yourself accountable because no one else will.  But treat yourself fairly.  Don’t dwell on some simple little thing that didn’t get done or exaggerate it’s importance.  You’ll destroy any progress you’ve made if you get bogged down.  Learn from the experience and move on.  Enlist other professionals in a “watch dog” group to keep each other on track.

We’ll have more for you next week in this series.


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

Our team may be reached for a free 15 Min “Strategy Session” by texting 339-793-8610 – just be sure to leave your name and time zone and we’ll get back to you 9-5 EST Monday-Thursday.

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Christmas & Holiday Fun In Private Practice

During the holidays but especially Christmas there is considerably more natural consumption and this year so much of this will be via web and phone. Here are some marketing ideas for your private practice during the holiday season. Don’t just blow these off as we have found the impact of these is huge as most patients don’t expect these from their physicians who won’t do any of these!


This is a wonderful time to talk about your health goals for the community and promote memberships in your practice! Often times, families may even purchase them for others, including adult children and yes even close friends! Look for opportunities that may present like spots in the local news, especially radio for interviews where you can put yourself in front of the community.

It is a really great idea to come up with a game or an activity, either on a specific date or through the course of a couple of days. Parties with healthy refreshments and small gift bags are always appreciated. One thing our practice has done for years is give away a flat-screen TV in a drawing requiring tickets. Tickets are given to those who didn’t cancel, referred during the month and more! Staff has a blast with this too! Patients literally talk about this year after year. Remember, practice growth can be driven through any social games and clever experiments that your marketing can come up with— people will really enjoy ingenuity.

Christmas Spirit

You cannot expect people to be willing to buy gifts for others if your venue does not look like it is Christmas. The decorations—on and offline— are very important, and the earlier you put them on, the better. Lights are also a great idea and promote a more cheerful environment! A good idea might also be to ask your employees wear an accessory that reminds people of the season. Not a whole costume (although one Christmas Eve my associate and I dressed up as Santa’s!) but just one thing, like a hat, that serves as a Christmas reminder. Whatever you decide it’s very important that our patients moods are elevated in the office, and these little things can make a huge difference.

It is perfectly normal for practices that use these tools to have bigger growth during Christmas time, as there is considerably more consumption, even if that hasn’t been the overall trend during the whole year. This is partly due to the fact that most of us are more willing to consume and buy gifts this time of year, regardless of reduced prices. Christmas time provides an opportunity for your marketing strategies to take effect in a very positive light.

Nevertheless, for some practices that register growth during Christmas time, there is often a reduction of profit shortly after the celebrations have passed. This is why you should increase your chance of growth by taking the necessary steps to promote your private practice for January NOW!

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Step By Step Implementation Game Plan

One of the biggest issues in private practice done right, is developing a step-by-step game plan of what to do, and exactly when. The reality is successful private practice is formulaic, and with a little effort, you too can develop or revamp your own Step By Step Implementation Game Plan.

Let’s’ review this one point at a time…

1. The very first thing is to outline in writing exactly what it is you want to accomplish and produce. Yes, that’s right, your goals and targets. The more precise you can be, the better the results. Doctor, do not overlook this vital step. In DPC or any private practice, you are the CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, and most often the Team Captain. If your behavior is not congruent with these roles, success will always elude you in private practice. This is a very powerful lesson that way too many ignore. You can be the best clinician ever, but private practice success and fulfillment require much more. Always remember though, your rewards are so much greater when you function at this highest level. When you have a high six to seven figures a year practice, then you can delegate some of the day-to day management, but as long as you own the practice, never abdicate its direction and financial oversight!!!

Too many make this first and vital implementation step way too stressful. Make it easy, by just using a pencil and a pocket size notebook mor app. It also may really help to just work in 90-day segments. Just mark your calendar to redo this exercise every 90 days. It also really helps if you write your primary goals every day if you want to accomplish way more than the average physician. Anything you can do to make this more visual, like photos and diagrams can easily add a powerful emotional “hook”, and help you accomplish more in far less time.

2. Get in the habit of operating only off a DAILY checklist!

Again keep it easy, low stress. I still like white legal pads and multicolor pens for daily use. Typically you can make a list no later than Sunday Night for the week ahead. Next, color prioritize each of these items. Black is done, red is critical, green is underway, and blue is re-routed. Finally, cross off what’s been completed. Looking at your list with all items crossed off then allows you to move onto the next phase.

Just make sure, that your checklists include the three core components of the practice. This would include:

• Production- exactly what’s happening this week to grow production? Here, you should list out Marketing Events, patient workshops, radio show, fitness screening, etc.

• Collections- analysis of your income and expenses, and especially the trends of these two key areas to financial independence. Pick the same day and time each week to review these.

• Staffing- What’s going on with your team? Are there pending vacations, missed steps in critical procedures? A compliment to be awarded or violations of policy?

Next, you must note the appropriate action step on your DAILY checklist for all of these key areas.

3. Develop and operate only off a 90 day Master Implementation Plan. Make sure your entire team knows it, and helps hold you accountable.

One of the great simplifiers of implementation is to not project beyond 90 days, unless you are very proficient at all the above steps. For most of us, this is the precise interval to observe progress, trends and make corrections to what’s not working.

The Master Plan is the poster of every area of practice that is multifaceted. A great example is marketing. Let’s say you want to start a monthly newsletter for patients.You would first list “Monthly News” with a deadline or start date on your master plan, but your daily checklist might list, “select theme, call mailing house, fix event calendar” etc.

And that’s it! You can keep it this simple. Sure, there are many other things (advanced executive skills) you could add, but I suggest holding off until you get effective at actually implementing all the key steps to practice growth and personal freedom.

When you are ready to really take this to the next level, consider hiring a coach. Personalized analysis of your situation, with someone who has done it all before can pay enormous dividends. Most coaches will gladly give you a written, personalized implementation plan as well.

But recognize doctor, failure to have these basics in place first is a recipe for disaster. Don’t let this be you!

Take these very simple steps today! Your only supplies needs are a notebook, pencil, a pack of white legal pads, a multicolor pen, a poster board and a calendar.

The more consistent and disciplined you can operate in this way, the more successful and creative, and ultimately financially independent you must become.

Practice Building and Mrs. Smith

Practice Building and Mrs. Smith – “I can only be about your health not your insurance”.

In the last 3 practice building  tips, I spoke about how
you can never be about the patient’s insurance,
only about their health. That, in its essence is
the biggest transformation we must all make.

By positioning your entire office right from
the very first phone call, the stage is set.
It is critical to never miss any of these steps. Those
who do are frustrated, and then blame it on
the patient.

If you experience a dip in patient volume,
go back and revisit the entire algorithm,
and each of the staff training steps here too.

If you do not do this, each passing year will become
more challenging, and way more stressful than it
has to be.

You can prosper more each year, and live the life
you really want, with the appropriate plans. Make sure
that’s how you use your coaching time with us too!

And do it again, if its been a while.

Private Practice and Social Media: Top 4 Tips for Social Media That Works

Private practice and social media? Here are our Top 4 Tips for Social Media That Works.

Every private practice owner knows (or should!) that social media is a gold mine when it comes to marketing. Ignoring the potential of social media for your private practice growth is almost a recipe for certain failure these days.

Unfortunately, some private practice owners have found out the hard way that social media as a marketing tool needs to be handled appropriately so that it will be effective rather than disastrous.

Social media disasters happen for a lot of reasons. But many social media mistakes can be boiled down into just a few common elements.

Here are our top 4 tips for a social media strategy that works:

Put a policy in place. Before you post a single thing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any social media site, make decisions about appropriate social media use and put them in writing for your entire team. Then decide which staff will be participating and train them accordingly.

Vet your content. Think carefully about which kinds of articles or memes you’ll share with your followers, and which ones are better left alone. Never share any article you haven’t read based on a headline, which can be misleading. Make half your content original material produced from your office, and the other half information that your patients need and want.

Get out there every day. What makes social media so effective is engagement on a regular basis. You’ll lose your audience very quickly if you’re not able to keep up with the norms for a particular social media site. Learn to use scheduling tools so you’re not personally online all the time!

Have fun with it. One thing patients don’t want to see is boring, didactic, serious content from you day after day. Keep an eye out for things that are relevant but fun—ideally, something that shows the professional but relaxed milieu of your office environment.

Remember that every single post on social media represents you and your private practice.

Having trouble with marketing issues like this? It’s one of the things we address in our program 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery.


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Are You the Private Practice Media Authority for Your Community?

Are You the Private Practice Media Authority for Your Community?

Information, both excellent as well as pure crap is everywhere when talking about pain, disease, medication, and of course complementary and alternative care. And information continues to grow, in fact to explode on a daily basis.

All you need to do is spend some time on line for a while. You will see that people are literally all over the place. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of websites, chat rooms, and so-called support groups etc., all talking about health, illness, this supplement, that drug, this therapy and yes even this doctor and that therapist.

But there is one single thing that becomes readily apparent during this entire experience and that is that people eventually gravitate in huge numbers to trusted authorities.

Look for example at the followers that someone like Dr. Oz has versus a lesser-known authority. Why has Dr. Oz just as one example become such a trusted authority?

Well obviously a lot of media and extensive marketing etc.

But honestly he looks the part, talks with authority, and he is not afraid to call on the expertise of others.

This has not been an overnight phenomenon, indeed it has taken years to achieve huge success.

In every city and town around the country however this is repeated on a lesser scale every day.

But if your private practice is not the local trusted authority for your community, you must ask yourself exactly why?
The solutions lie in applying everything we just covered.

Be consistent! Look professional, talk with authority, and use all the media to your distinct advantage.

Build your authority using tools and such as public speaking, videos, telehealth visits, and first class social media presence.
If you need to learn how, reach out to our team!

Be willing to work with local TV, radio and news media personnel and above all always be completely honest, friendly and open.

This is exactly the reputation that will ensure YOU are the trusted health authority in your community!

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Top 3 Myths About Content Marketing for Your Private Practice

Don’t let these myths about content marketing mislead you: here’s what you need to know today about content marketing for your private practice.

Most of what you’ve heard about content marketing for your private practice is, well, inaccurate.

Let’s jump right into it: the top 3 myths about content marketing for private practice.

Myth #1: Content marketing is about promoting your private practice.

Fact: Content marketing isn’t about you; it’s about your patients (both current and prospective). Thus, the content you feature on your website and on social media has to appeal to the specific needs and interests of your patients. Sure, at times, you’ll want to talk about yourself and what makes your private practice unique. But always be sure to bring it back around to a focus on the reader, your potential patient.

Myth #2: Your private practice needs to produce a ton of content in order to look authoritative.

Fact: It’s better to have a small amount of high-quality content, rather than a large quantity of average or subpar content. Authority doesn’t come from quantity, but from quality. You earn your patients’ trust by providing substantial and trustworthy information every time. Start by improving or redoing the content that’s already out there with your private practice name on it. Then make sure every new piece of content lives up to that standard, too.

Myth #3: Content is only effective when it goes “viral.”

Fact: Everyone seems obsessed with viral content these days, but no one seems to know how to “make” something “go viral.” That’s because you can’t actually force a phenomenon like viral sharing to happen just because you want it to happen. In truth, what makes content effective (and what sometimes, but not always, leads people to share it with others) is usefulness and relevance to the people who are reading it.

And these days, with all the pure BS on social media, remember YOU must stay in charge of where and what you publish for whom.

Ready to learn more about effective marketing for your private practice? Let our team help!

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Effective Communication Is The Key To Growing Your Practice

Effective Communication Is The Key To Growing Your Practice

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a healthy practice and good patient outcomes. Remember that good communication goes both ways. While we normally think more along the lines of how we express ourselves and our ideas, good communication also involves being a good listener. That’s especially important for private practice owners. Effectively communicating with your patients determines:

  • Whether or not a patient will actually come back to you for treatment after the initial consultation
  • Your ability to properly diagnose the patient’s problem
  • Whether or not you can determine if the patient will actually follow advice

Good communication skills build patient trust. If the patient feels that you’re genuinely listening to them, they feel like you’re really working in their best interests.

Poor Communication Can Destroy The Doctor/Patient Relationship

On the other hand, if you communicate poorly with your patients (i.e., lecture instead of listen, fail to explain care in a way that your patient can understand, don’t address patient concerns openly, etc.), the doctor/patient relationship may suffer irreparable damage. You don’t get more than one chance to truly build trust with your patients.

Design your client communications with the end result of open dialogue and mutual trust in mind. Approach your patients like you would any partnership, with respect, commitment and make sure you stay on the same page with the end result of treatment foremost in both your minds.

How Do You Create A Strong Dialogue With Patients?

Treat creating effective patient communication as a step by step process. This is another by-product of living and practicing by design. Know what you want to achieve from the very beginning. Think of the process along these lines:

First Impressions

As with any other initial meeting, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Start with a warm greeting and treat the patient like a personal friend. Check your own attitude or mindset before you enter the treatment room and think about how you can best serve the patient.

Initial Consult

Your initial consultation with a patient will set the tone for the entire relationship. Really make an effort to connect with the patient and listen carefully to what they tell you about their current problems. Ask questions in a way that encourages them to give you more information.

Designing Treatment

After you start treating the patient, communicate with them as thoroughly as possible. Pay attention to body language and attitude. The patient may be unhappy but not forthcoming about their complaints. If you really pay attention, you may be able to address their concerns and begin to help them.

Final Thoughts

At the end of any active care plan, it is vital to communicate with your patient about the success or failure of all portions of the treatment protocol. This is an especially important time to listen to the patient. Don’t just railroad them into agreeing with your perception of how the treatment went. Pause and let them get a word in where they need to. Then learn from this and add appropriate changes to your private practice.

Following these communication guidelines will help you build patient trust and build your successful doctors rapport at the same time. Your stiffest competition is doubt on the part of your patients. Learning to effectively communicate with current and prospective patients will help you design effective marketing programs and address concerns before they become problems.

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Time You Redesigned Your Private Practice?

It is so important to continue to grow, develop, and change the key elements, which make private practice successful. But beyond that there is a whole lot more to today’s private practice.

Of course some of these things never change. And that includes always being an excellent clinician first. Putting your patient’s needs above all others is so essential yet too often ignored.

Here’s one thing that too many long in private practice ignore: your skill sets always need to be kept ahead of the curve.

And the skill sets today of any private practice owner must include an extensive knowledge of both on and off-line marketing and social media especially right now with some long term players having moved to censorship and extremism.

In this world especially with all the changes thrust upon healthcare, it is so important that you continually keep your finger on the pulse of what your patients are thinking, what they are looking for, and how you can best serve them.

Of course all this demands you have excellent systems in place.

If you don’t already have a space in your practice dedicated to consuming the feedback comments and requests from your patients and perspective patients there is no way you can develop a powerful private practice moving forward.

The world right now is just so complex. There is just so much information out there that unless you stand out immediately as attentive and unique the chances of your prospective patients selecting another practice is huge!

If you ignore these key business skills then it won’t be long before you competitors literally run you out of town.

The world is changing extraordinarily fast now – change that used to take 10 years now happen in 90 days. And that’s no joke.


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“Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.”

Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons. The title of today’s article is one of my favorite quotes from the since passed business great Jim Rohn. I was very fortunate to be exposed to Jim very early on in my career. His teachings and philosophy have had a profound impact on my private life as well.

Being in healthcare today requires a tremendous expenditure of emotional, financial and spiritual energy.

Not everybody can do what you do. It does take tremendous discipline. But the pay off is huge in so many ways.

The private practice of health care today requires a tremendous expenditure of emotional, financial and spiritual energy.

Jim’s advice for all private practice owners is eternally profound. If you do not own any Jim’s recordings and books, I strongly suggest you make the investment.

What I learned from Jim about discipline, I’ve also seen in practice on a daily basis over many years. We see this with patients, but most especially now as a we see this daily with many more private practice owners.

Another of Jim’s famous sayings that holds true more than ever is “Don’t wish things were easier, wish YOU were better!”

So why the concern about this information today? Quite frankly we are living in a dumbed down world.

If you’re going to be successful in private practice and really move forward in any area of your life you must insulate yourself from the “crap” of the outside world.

So I suggest you limit your exposure to the mainstream media, talk radio, and the naysayers of doom and gloom. As a private practice owner, you are already at the top of the stack of serving humanity.

Make sure your intentions all aligned with your actions. Make sure you set measurable targets for yourself.

Above all, make sure your private practice is engaged in markets which will flourish moving forward, despite regulatory, and government interference.

Vow not to bail.

Never forget your major purpose as a private practice owner.

And that purpose is to continually be serving sick and suffering humanity with better ways every day!


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Are You Protecting Your Online Presence?

The details of your online presence have a strong influence on long-term sustainability for private practice owners.

You already know that a strong online presence is essential to bring in new referrals and keep current patients engaged.

But have you ever thought about what patients see when they Google you? Rest assured, it’s more than just your private practice website.

And since the Web is changing and shifting all the time, online reputation management isn’t a one-time activity. You’ll need to set up regular monitoring and be able to address concerns quickly.

There are two aspects to online reputation management for private practice owners. The first aspect is your business name and any reviews, advertising, and content related to it. The second aspect is your own name as the private practice owner and clinician.

Both aspects function as a part of your brand messaging. And private practice owners have to take an active role in making sure that every aspect of brand messaging out there is an exact match for their marketing strategy.

There are companies out there who will handle things like online reputation management for private practice owners. You may wonder why it would be worth the effort and dedicated time to do this task yourself.

First of all, you should know that the two most effective ways to control your online reputation are both free and accessible to anyone. Since Google is by far the most popular search engine out there, private practice owners can use Google’s tools in two ways to monitor and update their online reputations.

To know exactly what people are seeing when they Google you, use the free online tools found on the Google dashboard. Private practice owners can use this tool to search for their own names, their business names, and the SEO keywords they are using in their content. You can also set up a Google alert so that you’ll be sent an email every time one of your search terms shows up online.

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of online reputation management and other marketing conundrums? We help private practice owners like you get their footing. Take a look at 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery.


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Building a Fortress around your Private Practice: Part 2

The last time I talked about some of the important strategies that we can utilize every day to build a fortress around our private practices. But what I’d like to do today is address a bigger issue: our patient’s health and well-being.

Too often the theme from “practice consultants” has been, “just put this system in place and make a ton of money”.

All of us here understand our that when our only major concern is helping the patient in front of us get and then stay well, we’ll never have to worry about money ever again. This, of course, should be driving force behind everything we do every day.

Referrals will take care of themselves and we become as busy as we want to be!

The reality is that we deserve to be financially successful. To do this effectively, communications, marketing, and, indeed, every system, must convey our personal intention to help our patients get—and then stay—well.

Everyone in your practice, from your staff to your fellow referral professionals, must completely understand that this is our purpose!

But you’ll never be able to pull this off unless you are focused on the realities of your own future, and, at the same time providing excellent, cutting-edge care.

And I respectfully submit that for those of us in medicine today this is the management of chronic pain, disease, and illness in a way that supports the active lifestyle so many people today demand.

The reality is drug-only therapy will not accomplish this.

So get creative! What are your really good at and enjoy the most in practice? This is exactly what you should be doing more of every day!

Unless you differentiate yourself in this manner, you’ll end up burned out, broke, and like too many of those who venture into private practice, unable to even repay your student loans.

Harsh language? You bet!

But this is the reality of building a fortress around your private practice today!

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Building a Fortress Around Your Private Practice: Part 1

Too often, private practice owners get in trouble by not building a fortress around their practice and, especially, its reputation…

One the biggest things to understand about private practice ownership is that patients have self-selected their pathway to your door.

Now, more than ever, patients choose to go outside the public health system for a variety of reasons.

But one of the most important reasons is, patients are unable to obtain the level of personalized attention and satisfaction the public system delivers.

The single most important thing in your private practice is you—your skills, your bedside manner, and everything you bring to the treatment table.

But, more than that, patients return to you because you meet a fundamental emotional need.

That is, you represent the skills and authority patients need during times of disease, injury, and healing.

To think otherwise is pure folly. Too often, private practice owners get in trouble by not maintaining their focus; protecting their practice and, especially, its reputation as the powerful business it can be. This means impeccable staffing, cleanliness, efficiency, and everything else anybody paying for premium service desires.

The challenge is living up to your reputation every day.

Slack for just a moment, and one powerful adverse event can wreak havoc with your personal and professional life.

So what can you do? Continue or, if necessary, start today to build a fortress around your private practice. For the private practice owner, this necessitates taking a very hard look at everything we’ve mentioned above.

In addition, you must know and understand what your self-pay patient population wants from your practice.

Next time, we’ll talk about some very important steps you can take today, making a difference between long-term success and failure in private practice.

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No Room for Error

There really is no room for error in healthcare today, especially in private practice. But there is plenty of need for crystal clear focus!

Today though let’s talk about one of the most commonly-ignored growth and personal satisfaction strategies as private practice owners.
That is, “surveying” your existing and prospective patients.

Once upon a time, private healthcare was called “elective” health care. That is, care which patients seek out to improve a chronic condition or the general quality of their life—but not necessarily considered essential. You can probably think of many more applications of the term essential if you have spent any time in the public sector.

Now, of course, the situation has changed so the most viable private practice includes optional procedures, systems and services which are elective, but may also be unavailable in the public sector.

The most important thing to your practice success is that your patient now considers what you do for them essential. This could include things like comfort and cosmetic treatments. It also includes the relief of chronic conditions, without invasive procedures.

This truly affords the private practice owner a huge opportunity for practice growth. Yes even right now!

I hope you see where I am going here. By accurately surveying the desires of your practice, it is much more rewarding to implement the exact systems, services, procedures and possibly other health related pieces your patients are actually looking for.

Surveying patients regularly, and then testing with action will help enhance and improve your services tremendously by adding the added factors of comfort and relaxation.

Your private practice should be no exception.


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It’s no secret

It’s no secret. I’m a play junkie. If I don’t go outside and play, regularly, I get cranky, stale. Daily work becomes harder, stiffer, less fluid. You probably are the same. But maybe it’s been far too long since you let yourself find out.

We’ll here’s a whole new reason to go play.

People love it! No Kidding. Play, travel and just getting out and doing something you love makes you real, keeps you pleasantly conversant, and someone they really want to emulate.

The problem is for too many who practice we become far too rigid in daily and especially weekly routines.

Over achievers like health care professionals put their inner child last. In fact, we are some of the most under-recreated people ever. Big mistake. Illness, divorce, depression are far too often the price.

Now, I am giving you a whole new reason to disconnect, and kick up your heels! Regularly.

It will help you build an enormous practice! Why? Because you can use your play to market yourself while feeling more rested, creative and inspired to be your very best.

Yes, that’s right! Especially now a days while it’s so easy to create media. Web Cams, iPhones, you name it.

I still remember years back when we sent out a reminder card to patients. I uploaded an image of me sitting on my motorcycle with a caption “Time to ride on in?”

Patients loved it, and it was one of the most effective recall pieces I have ever done. Keeping lots of fun photos of my adventures and likes around the office for them to see too was always a big hit.

Here is a strategy any practice owner can use. Do this right, your practice grows, as does your wealth account.

Step 1-
Make sure your practice is set up around your life, NOT the other way around! What do you like to do outside of practice? Where do you want to live, travel to or experience? If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, take your time, and be honest with yourself. Be sure to write or dictate all of this.

Step 2-
Start recording snippets of your adventures in media- a smart phone is ideal because you can take decent photos, video, heck even record great conversational sound bites. Of course, it’s even better with a good camera.

Be sure to keep these devices handy all the time. Some of my best marketing pieces and images have come from weekend ski or motorcycle adventures, and of course my vacations. The more impromptu the picture or video the better.

Next, Make storage and organization of your files easy.

Step 3-
Be sure to use this material creatively. Put photos in your office news, flyers and especially on the web. This is why Facebook and other social media can be so powerful. It helps make you a real person.

Step 4-
Get some help. Too often, there is no solid marketing strategy, steps to follow or calendar for team members to focus on.

You’ll do far better to have a staff person help you with the implementation, but you’ve got to have a strategic plan they can follow. This is one of the very first things we teach in our Platinum sessions.

Step 5-
Carve out regular time to make sure you are living your dreams, and your practice is supporting it! This is crucial. It’s also why administrative and creative time must be on YOUR checklist, every week, and if you really want to accelerate your personal growth, every day!

This is living and practicing by design, not default (which gets stressful and ugly quickly).



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Your Next New Patient

If you have been in practice even a few short years your next “New” Patient is someone you have treated before.

This simple truth is missed by so many. People are much more likely to see you again, if you did a good job initially. Indeed, it then becomes possible to have a closed practice.

Too often, traditional marketing ignores this fact, with too much focus on new clientele, while doing nothing to embrace the ones that already know, like and will very well support you for years to come.

What the simplest solution?

Three things.

1. First, tell patients how much you appreciate them. Always say “thanks for coming back to see us again!”

2. Next, send them a Welcome Back letter. We use just 3 paragraphs, and print them automatically on every returning patient.

3. Lastly, there is no substitute for frequent contact.

Do those monthly newsletters on and off-line!

Make it simple.

After many years, and testing everything from fancy color to ultra-modern, I will tell you home grown, written at least in part by you is best.
Most patients want to hear more about you!

Here’s some more tips to use every day.

Maintain a good email list and use it at least twice monthly. Your patients are checking in with their web-gurus, even their health ones daily, sometimes more than once. How often do they hear good advice from you?

Again, it does not need to be a slick piece, just get it done.

Do phone recalls often! Go through your list, and ask your staff to call in and check in with folks who you may have not seen in a while.

Ask them to schedule a follow up visit with you. Even if they are OK at the time of your call, they remember this.

Do more elaborate recalls at least twice a year. Multi step, multi-media, simultaneously.

Do appreciation events, at least a few times a year.

And so on.

You get my drift.

So what usually fails here? No organized, autopilot systems to make all of this happen each and every day. No way to follow who comes from where, and what’s working well, and what’s not. No delegation or daily follow through.

In our experience, many practices could turn this free advice into significant increase in revenue in six to twelve months.

Most won’t.

How about you?

These are just a few of the basic things that build a solid practice, and may very well put your entire family into a new home.
Do not neglect these simple steps to a phenomenal practice.


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What Do You Stand For?

It has been said, that “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”.

To be truly independent, on this great day of American Independence you need to know where you stand on the major cornerstones of your life (Personal, Spiritual, Material, Fitness and Financial).

A strong personal philosophy on each of these is vital to your success, and developing an evolving professional life and practice .

This is a great day to ask yourself if are truly living the personal and professional life you deserve.

Are your actions leading you in the direction of the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

If not, make the midyear corrections NOW to insure not another precious moment of your life is wasted! (This is one place where one on one consulting can really help this to take shape for you!)

When I think and read about what our American forefathers accomplished, (while spending the Fourth steeped in American History), especially in light of the challenges they faced, most of the tasks we have at hand seem to pale in comparison. (I firmly believe this is also why America needs to continue to be clear on what we stand for!)

What do you stand for? Make sure your patients and your staff know your personal philosophy on these vital cornerstones or you are liable to ‘fall for anything’!

If you are not crystal clear on your personal philosophy, or even if it needs some updating or fine tuning, get out a blank legal pad, sit in a quit place, close your eyes for a while and list what comes to mind. Just make sure you do it before you go to sleep tonight!

All successful people can clearly define their stand.

You must count yourself in these ranks.


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What Defines Power?

Now you might ask, what defines power? I define it as really living the life of one’s dreams.

Despite fear. Despite the economy. Despite sometimes insurmountable odds.

And with every powerful person I’ve had the pleasure of  working with along the way, they all have experienced what I call  “The Critical Event”.

And that Critical Event is simply the decision point out of which issues a bold VISION and then DESIGN.

Or very often it’s a redesign of their path in life.

But far too often, this is where even highly educated professionals like us get hung up.

Too many continue to accept “fate”, and never allow the time, make the space in their busy days or give themselves the “permission” to make it to their decision points.

And life continues to reward in kind.

If you are really living your dreams think, go back to your decision points along the way. Congratulate yourself as you move forward.

But if you are not feeling powerful, be sure to begin the process of visualization then design every day, starting today!

Always, live and practice by design, not default!

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Life IS Brief

For those that spend any time in an ER or as an EMT, you see life is brief everyday. Back in our nice clean offices though, in private practice we are sometimes shielded from harsh realities.Two stories, both true, touched my life last week. Alex, age 48 dies suddenly and unexpectedly in the ER. Previously healthy, hypertensive was looking forward to his early retirement. Always had a smile, and pleasant greeting for everyone he met.

Gary, age 45, is sitting in his truck at a stop light. Gets a sudden blinding headache, throws the truck into park, clutches his dog, and according to the ME, is unconscious in 15 seconds, and a short time later dead of a cerebral aneurysm. He was a self made, financially independent, fun loving guy, still very much in love with his life and friends. Wiped out in 15 seconds. 

Again, what is it that you are putting off, not confronting or handling? What might you might miss out on, if you don’t take action TODAY?

Tough question? Maybe. Easy to answer? Probably. But only if you stay brutally honest with yourself. 

Again, we suggest you take time everyday to reappraise where you are going in practice and life.

Make sure your decisions are moving you closer to ideal. And really enjoy each day.


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