The Five Main Barriers to Practice Growth

The main barriers to practice growth, in order, are:

1. Inadequate Game Plans for the new rules.

2. Ineffective Systems.

3. Poor staffing (skills, energy, attitude), and then not taking action to fix it.

4. Inadequate fees and collections.

5. Marketing (if at all) disarray.

I’ve spent months writing, and then recording presentations which address all these items. This is a do-it-to-yourself introspection, and a complete “Blueprinting” of your practice, and frankly that’s what will bring you lasting change (in fact, it’s the only thing that will create lasting change).

The very same skills that make you a great are probably impeding your practice growth, and this gets missed by many of us who become mired in the daily grind.

Honestly, if you want a NO BULL approach to the way private practice really is today, then this step-by-step approach will let you sleep better, accumulate personal wealth, and allow you to be the practitioner you aspired to, before the onslaught of endless amounts of pure garbage hurled in your direction.

Remember success is ultimately your choice, but you need the right tools. And as Jim Rohn so aptly put many years ago,”Don’t wish things were different, wish you were better!” We can help make you better.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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