Think Positive and Avoid Summer Head!

Avoiding “Summer Head”

Stay Positive and Seize Every Opportunity to Avoid “Summer Head”!

30+ years ago I received some wonderful advice from one of my private practice mentors Dr. Larry Markson with regard to developing and growing my private practice. Now I started my practice in May, and right around the corner was summer. Every year, Larry would warn us to avoid summer head like the plague.

Now this scenario is repeated the same time every year- that is the official start of the summer season is July 4 weekend for many. Larry’s admonition still rings true.

Summer head is just that – That Depressive Thinking, “everyone is on vacation, they’re spending their money everywhere else, nobody wants to come to the clinic, the weather keeps them inside etc.”

Did you know statistically that the summer months could be some of the busiest of the entire year? In our practices, we have proved this year after year.

Why? Because during the entire time, as a rule society is more mobile, they tend to spend more freely, and the BIG plus that all good marketers realize are the huge opportunities to treat more pediatric patients including CMT and scoliosis patients as well as conduct-related public health screenings, workshops, etc.

So, the most important message of all?

Just like every day but most especially this time of year you’ve got to watch the thoughts you’re putting into your head!

Because what you think about will manifest.

If you think nobody has any money, nobody will come in because it’s nice, etc, then… You’ll be right.

However, if you seize the opportunities to follow up with stepping out and not pulling back by tweaking in fact increasing your marketing etc., you can count this summer is one of the busiest ever!

I suggest you plan at least two events during the summer season for your patients.

Do a direct mail campaign, step up your online presence, take fellow healthcare professionals to lunch or dinner. All of these things have a powerful effect on your practice!

So have at it and I look forward to talking to you this week!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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