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An Important Video…

Excellent Office Systems & Missed Opportunities in Marketing Part1 – kewego The better way for Chiropractors to manage and grow their practices and their lives. With excellence in chiropractic consulting, chiropractic marketing, Dr John Hayes Jr is a respected author of Living and Practicing By Design For more info please visit http://PerfectPracticeWeb.com. Dr John Hayes […]

The REAL Keys to Targeted Marketing

Marketing your practice effectively is something that requires considerable thought, and careful design. In today’s private practice it is one of the major issues and choke points with today’s marketing plans. So consider doctor, first, who is your ideal patient? What are all of their characteristics? Age, gender, health issues, demographics? And if you are […]

Get involved in their activities.

Get involved in your patients’ activities. Sponsor their events. Help them out when they need it most. Go out of your way to be helpful, and these activities, combined with effective and coordinated targeted marketing will reward you for years to come. Be sure to effectively use every tool you can. So much is available […]

Identify their common characteristics.

Assuming your practice is filled with your ideal patients, then you need to identify their common characteristics. If they come from groups, they have commonalities. They read certain papers, have common interests in the community, and quite likely are involved in certain activities. It could be PTO, athletics, church, or maybe its grange or the […]

Reviewing the demographics of your area.

You have thought about your ideal patient. Next, continue by taking a very thorough look at the demographics of your area. If you have been in practice a year or more, run these numbers from your own software. Then, a really good exercise is to get a large local map, circle a radius around your […]

A New Vision of The Future 2010

A New Vision of The Future 2010 Lately, my most enjoyable consulting time spent with my clients has given me cause to look back on all the events in private practice during the last year. Lots of what I first wrote about in “Practice by Design” (Miami 2007) “Commanders of Change™” (Marina Del Rey 2008) […]

Does the chiropractic message make it…

Do you also have many more MD referrals for non-back-ache conditions? What about true, integrated care for your patients? Is your therapeutic arsenal expanding? Does the chiropractic message make it through all the clutter? Tough times need accurate answers, and clear honest appraisals. To that end, we need to also know what your needs are. […]

Do You Engage in Dabbling or Mastery?

Very often when I look at a practice and its doctors that are really making things happen a very simple fact emerges. Out of every conversation and analysis one simple fact emerges. When I look at productivity and results in all areas of life and practice, it is clear that those who are the happiest, […]

Our 12 Secret Programs

The antidote is to vow RIGHT NOW to take each area of your practice, each of the 12 Key areas I identify, and set up the time and systems to go back and master each one! And yes, it is a constant process (which is why frequent staff huddles and meetings are necessary). And recognition […]

The most powerful practices.

It’s because my mentors taught me, and I was smart enough to pay attention, that the most powerful practices are built upon mastery, not dabbling! As I said in the beginning, one very simple fact emerges – Masters get everything done while dabblers struggle seemingly forever. I see this principle frequently when something goes wrong […]

A very simple fact emerges.

Very often when I look at a practice and its doctors that are really making things happen a very simple fact emerges. Out of every conversation and analysis one simple fact emerges. When I look at productivity and results in all areas of life and practice, it is clear that those who are the happiest, […]

Whatever policies you ultimately adopt

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Whatever policies you ultimately adopt, these need to be spelled out in great detail, and regularly reviewed and reiterated. And when something unforeseen, when something as simple as what happened in my office occurs, you must take steps to fix them immediately. Not having firm, detailed policies on all these items creates great […]

Something so very simple.

So why did the failure of one simple device cause chaos at the front desk? It was because, unbeknownst to me, while I was taking care of patients in the back, instead of calmly taking card numbers and running the charges in batches when the unit was fixed, there was total disagreement among the staff […]


Staff. When was the last time you spent time reviewing purpose, duties clarity, and basic compliance issues? Fine tuning the staffing department can really be an enormous source of new patients, collections and overall energy, esprit de corps, if you will. And it costs just some quit time, a pen and legal pad and the […]

It’s not just about money! – kewego How to develop a thriving practice without giving up weekends and without spending a fortune guaranteed. For more info please visit www.PerfectPracticeWeb.com. Keywords: chriropractic consultant chiropractic consultants chiropractic practice building medical practice building Video from jhayes

The Consequences of doing ONLY what comes natural

A doctors natural gifts. That’s what you possess as a healer. You can put patients at ease; physically and quickly abolish their pain and discomfort. Restore hope, and actually save their lives by doing what seemingly is very natural for you. Healers have commonalities in backgrounds and life experiences. Actually, our pathways as doctors of […]

Last Call…

WCS 2010 Financial Summit for Doctors ends at 1PM EST today… Yesterday was another day with two awesome guests, Dr. David Phillips, and Bruce Goldsmith. George Youssef and I will wrap it all up at 1PM EST. It’s been a great week. A very special thank you to all our guests and docs who have […]