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Personal Power, Profit, and Influence

Without personal power, profit and influence, in your own life and practice, you are unlikely to learn from the past, deal with the present and plan as accurately as possible for the future.  But just why are these so important?

Physical and Emotional Clutter in Private Practice

Physical & Emotional clutter has a significant impact on your Private Practice, and of course your life and your health. The more you clean up and break away from, the more room you create for the right things! Keep it simple. You won’t regret it.

Taking Command of Your Direction…

Last week, I wrote extensively on really taking command of the direction of your practice, and your life as a powerful economic stimulus. In reality, it’s all you have in private practice. There are some really simple ways to do this, but before we talk about that, here’s an “Economic Summit” reality check-up. If I […]

What Do You Promise to Patients?

Did You Ever Make a Promise to a Patient?   This is an area that far too many clinicians regardless of the specialty get into trouble with. It is so important to understand that the only real promise to patients you or I can and should make to patients is that we will do our […]

Rapid Practice Building

Obviously then marketing is so key to rapid and sustained practice building. Many critical parts need to be taken care of. For example, what types of stay in touch programs do you have in place for your private practice? When was the last time you worked on really effective mechanisms to survey patients on what they want and desire from their private practice owner?

Private Practice Passion

Do You Still Have a Private Practice Passion? If you’re reading this, no doubt you continue to choose private practice over the public health care system. All politics aside, the reason that you and I continue to do this is we love what we do! We love to do our very best every single day […]