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Step By Step Implementation Game Plan

One of the biggest issues in private practice done right, is developing a step-by-step game plan of what to do, and exactly when. I am often asked  “Can you please tell me what to do next?” The reality is, successful private practice is formulaic, and with a little effort, you too can develop or revamp your own Step By Step Implementation Game Plan.

Are You Protecting Your Online Presence?

The details of your online presence have a strong influence on long-term sustainability for private practice owners. You already know that a strong online presence is essential to bring in new referrals and keep current patients engaged. But have you ever thought about what patients see when they Google you? Rest assured, it’s more than […]

No Room for Error

There really is no room for error in healthcare today, especially in private practice. Today though let’s talk about one of the most commonly-ignored growth and personal satisfaction strategies as private practice owners. That is, surveying existing and prospective patients.

It’s no secret

It’s no secret. I’m a play junkie. If I don’t go outside and play, regularly, I get cranky, stale. Daily work becomes harder, stiffer, less fluid. You probably are the same. But maybe it’s been far too long since you let yourself find out.

What Do You Stand For?

It has been said, that “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”.To be truly independent, on this great day of American Independence you need to know where you stand on the major cornerstones of your life.