As a Private Practice owner do you Think INSIDE the “Box”

There is no substitute for hugs and handshakes with those you love, and this includes your private practice patients too!

Lots is said these last few years about not getting stuck with inside the “box” thinking. And when that comes to creativity, boy is that truer than ever!

Personal interaction is very powerful.

In private practice, this means that you look to other industries (yes, health care IS a big industry) and see what’s happening that you can learn from.

But because we are in a very personal, humanly intimate business, neglecting the basics of what’s inside our own daily realms is dangerous! You know yourself the health care business inside your practice is about real human beings, not avatars and images.

Lets take social media for example. And you know I love the ability to be talking to Africa, the UK and Canadian Maritimes at the same time and often do on Facebook or Twitter.

But in my own back yard so to speak, in my own private practice nothing replaces good old-fashioned human contact! Yep, phone calls, note cards, gift cards and bags, post cards and the infinite power of a monthly paper newsletter patients actually get to open, hold and stick up on bulletin boards and refrigerators!

Now don’t get me wrong, social media, videos and the like are huge and essential today, but there is no substitute for hugs and handshakes with those you love, and this includes your private practice patients too!

Because the world is full of fear and uncertainty, you are the anchor for those who seek your care during what are often very vulnerable times in their lives! Illness and pain and yes the insurance systems suck. But, you can help heal both of these, and you do it daily, often better than anyone else.

This is also what makes you unique, and draws patients to connect with you, sometimes for years!

So, don’t neglect this golden opportunity to build life long relationships, and a life long career if that’s your choice with your private practice. Pay attention every day! If you have lost this compassionate  “touch”, put it BACK in your practice today!

Do it by thinking inside the box when it comes to your marketing, and indeed your philosophy and style of private practice!

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