What is Arachnoiditis and How Can You Help?

As a specialty practice emphasizing the relief of chronic pain, you will encounter patients who suffer from arachnoiditis.

Unfortunately the number of these cases is growing by leaps and bounds.

The cause is thought to be at least in a large part due to the rising use of intraspinal injections.

As we both know, now a days and too often intraspinal injections are used as a first-line rather than the last line therapy for back pain, radiculitis etc.

The net result can be patients who are injured, or suffer severe adverse reactions.

These reactions can range from chronic back pain to unrelenting extremity and spine pain and even paralysis.

There is some concern that preservatives as well as the variety of drugs used in intraspinal injections can cause autoimmune reactions, which can lead to the development of more serious conditions including chemical hypersensitivity.

But the worst effect of course is, the chronic and debilitating and unrelenting pain that these patients suffer from.

As one of our trained clinicians, though you have tools right at your fingertips, which may be able to help even the most difficult patients.

Arachnoiditis patients present cases that will test all of your skills.

You need to of course be sure to start with a very thorough evaluation. Depending upon your expertise, develop a rational but powerful treatment plan using all the tools we have given you. Alternatively refer to one of your colleagues better equipped and trained to help these patients.

There is even a place for lifestyle and behavioral therapies in the treatment of the arachnoiditis patient. This is of course due to the significant life destruction they have experience.

Commonly, your office can serve as an oasis for these patients providing all types of information, which they are not getting anywhere else.

If you’re not familiar with arachnoiditis, we will be providing our clients additional continuing education material on this.

If you thought Neuropathy patients were challenging, you haven’t seen anything until you tackle some of these cases.

The good news is you can offer help to many of these patients.

But the first thing to do is start reaching out in your own practice and in your own community!

Communicate the value of what you are doing a daily basis.

Emphasize the need for a rational conservative approach to spine pain and possible arachnoiditis prevention, doing all of this despite traditional pain clinics emphasis on invasive and potentially dangerous injection therapy.

Above all, expand your expertise and learn to truly help the arachnoiditis patient.

We wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!

The PPW team

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